"My playgroundā€¯

Since 2012 I have puzzled with several lines of art-work. Commonly, my fascination of nature and biology has provided numerous ideas to be tracked, made possible with the discovery of various novel and ancient materials.
The main focus of my other art-work than pipe-making has been fish taxidermy and replication, steel/concrete and terrazzo sculpturing.

As for pipe-making, the process of making both a large rustic wall-mounted Salmon in steel and concrete or molding a small delicate vase in terrazzo - the creative process is the same and the main drive in my work. Furthermore, working in different materials and processes are inspiring and although not obvious, still have underlying references to each other.

My art work is currently only for sale via direct contact to me.
In the gallery you will see examples of the different types of art work in process as well as finished.